Floral Tips for Your Chicago Wedding


About Flowers for Dreams

Discover one of our favorite Chicago wedding florists.

Flowers for Dreams began as a college project in 2012.   Steven Dyme, co-founder and CEO, and his friend Joseph Dickstein started selling flowers at graduation ceremonies and events. The idea was to make a little personal cash and to buy backpacks for the low income students in the community. Little did they know that their summer gig would grow into what it is today. Flowers for Dreams sources seasonal florals, sells them at affordable prices and then, donates a portion of the sales to local charities. The company offers a variety of floral services – from delivering flowers for mom’s birthday to constructing full wedding decor.  Steven & Joseph  have successfully donated almost $250,000 to many different charities including ALIVE RescueChicago Parks Foundation and Girlforward . Flowers for Dreams serves customers and weddings in the greater Chicagoland area and Milwaukee. Learn more about their current charities, wedding options and – send flowers to someone you love at flowersfordreams.com.

Why We Love Flowers for Dreams

What’s there not to love about beautiful flowers and helping your community? We love how each bouquet is locally sourced from viable vendors and artfully crafted. The rustic blooms and industrial work space is a place of true inspiration – with every different type of flower, vase and ribbon you can imagine! The wedding designers are friendly, informative and creative- quick to identify the flower you’re thinking of and suggest pairings to make your centerpieces look complete. Plus, delivery is free and by bike!  We loved learning about Flowers for Dreams and can’t wait to work with them again soon.

Thinking of a Winter Wedding?  How to choose floral.

Stratford on the Park has teamed up with Flowers for Dreams to guide you on selecting the perfect blooms for your off season Chicago wedding.   First tip – always select flowers that are in season.  This keeps costs down plus, the floral will naturally fit the time of year. If you’re planning your Chicago wedding in the winter, select flowers like anemones or casa blanca lilies. Add depth to your bouquet by adding snowberries or Christmas greens. This will give your floral more of that rustic – “just went on a hike out in the snow covered woods and artfully created this romantic arrangement” – feel that everyone swoons over. Add charming table runners by using woven pine needles, holly and wax flowers. When working with your designer, discuss adding textures in unique ways, using colors that are in season and within your color pallet, and remember – have fun and keep and open mind! If you need any guidance along the way, our expert Chicago wedding planners at Stratford in the Park can help! 

Lets hear from Steven and Michael from Flower for Dreams – 

Steven Dyme, cofounder and CEO & Michael Zucker, Director of Business Development 

How was Flowers for Dreams created?

Steven: Flowers for dreams was actually born out of a seasonal business that my cofounder Joe and I started in college. So, when we were 19 years old we got our first introduction to the floral industry as flower peddlers–to make extra money for college. We’d spend our summer selling flowers at graduation ceremonies and that turned into a bit of a college business.

Has Flowers for Dreams become what you hoped it would be?

Steven: That’s an easy question – No. We started Flowers for Dreams in 2012 and we were committed to solving the flower delivery. And, began making a more accessible, local, fun and inspiring flower option for sending bouquets and delivering bouquets. Little did we know, how much opportunity there was and how much the same kind of business alternative existed in weddings.

People wanted more accessible weddings; they wanted more of an unpretentious process. A lot of brides are starting to work directly with their vendors instead of using planners in many instances. We work with both, and I think that’s something novel and new in the flower industry. So we just realized that there is this huge–the same thing that existed when we started: which was like we’re 22 years old, we don’t have a ton of disposable income “how can we send flowers regularly?” because it felt like we couldn’t enjoy them at the price and the way they were currently offered–the same thing existed in weddings. Where–oftentimes–flowers are exorbitantly expensive. Very few floral vendors especially the bigger ones can’t even cater to brides who have lower budgets. There’s a thing called minimums in the wedding business of which we don’t have–it’s a point of pride for us. Because we believe everyone deserves to enjoy great flowers.



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