Benefits to Hosting an Intimate Wedding in Chicago

There are many benefits to having a small wedding ceremony and reception.  Most importantly,  it allows you to to truly focus on the big picture – getting married to the love of your life.  Here are some tips to plan an intimate Chicago wedding.

Choose the ones who matter most.  

Put a cap on the guest count, create guidelines and stick to them when you’re creating your list. It’s much easier to add guests than to subtract them later.  Skip coworkers, second or third tier friends and people (maybe even some family) that you have not seen in over a year.  Tip – it’s true, you really don’t have to invite significant others who aren’t formally engaged or married.   Remember, your wedding day flies by!  Choose the guests that you want to spend that quality time with.

Spend on what counts.

Fewer guests means your dollar stretches a lot further.  Love great wine and food – splurge!  Our on-site wedding planner and executive chef will craft a menu that is personal to you and your fiancé and one to surely impress your guests.   Perhaps a charcuterie station with imported cheeses and artisan meats, or a raw featuring oysters, ahi tuna and king crab.   Follow the cocktail reception with a seated dinner featuring dishes like butter poached lobster or lamb chops with truffle bread pudding. And of course, don’t skimp on the bar!  Consider a bourbon tasting and specialty cocktails and sip true Champagne all evening long.

If florals and elegant linens are your thing – dress the limited numbers of tables exactly how you envision them.   Textures linens can create a look to follow your style, whether that is rustic, refined or playful. Florals need not just be for the tables themselves – dress the entrance, the bar and make sure that your bouquet is the star.  Incorporate uplighting to set a warm, romantic tone and add hanging chandeliers or globe candles.

Be creative and customize.

Intimate weddings allow you and your fiancé’s personal style shine. Did you meet at a BBQ?  How about passing mini cheeseburgers and fries to your guests during the cocktail hour?  Is Maine your favorite place to vacation?  Nibble on mini lobster rolls.  Do you love wine tasting in Napa?  Incorporate vineyards into your place-cards.  Love to camp?   How about a s’mores bar for dessert?  This day is about you and your love – show off the best details about your partner and your relationship.  And don’t forget,  have some fun!

When you host a small and intimate wedding in Chicago, the sky is the limit.  Allow our staff to assist in making your day one to remember.


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