Tips For Hosting A Corporate Holiday Party In Chicago

5 Tips for hosting your corporate holiday party this year….

entrance to stratford on the park with welcome table and floral

1). Start early…

It’s never too early to start planning a corporate holiday party! You know your guests best. If a weekday is preferred over a weeknight or weekend, get booking! At Stratford on the Park, the options are endless. Space, staffing and privacy are not a concern; it is solely an event venue. The staff are experts in accommodating large groups and the space is elegant and festive.   Another tip – if your date is flexible, consider hosting your holiday party in January, after the hustle of the holiday season. Vendors can often offer special pricing and your staff will enjoy having something to look forward to during the Chicago winter.

waiter holding tray of sushi

2). Choose a venue…

Stratford on the Park is located in the historic Belden Stratford building, in Lincoln Park. Formerly a hotel and now home to many residents and restaurants, the iconic building is nearing a century of unparalleled hospitality. You will find that Stratford on the Park in particular, carries a similar light and airy vibe to the neighboring Lincoln Park Zoo and Lincoln Park Conservatory. Not only does the open space welcome creativity and personality, the menu can be customized to the taste, style and budget of your staff and corporate holiday party.  

3). Plan the party…

Continue your creativity and incorporate something interactive! Grab your guests attention with a live food station, cocktail making demo or lively competition. Going the extra mile to include something interactive will show your appreciation for all your employees’ hard work this year. Our open kitchen allows for an up-close-and-personal cocktail reception with our chefs.  Other favorites at Stratford on the Park include live piano playing and a chef cook-off. Even better, the music and food incorporated in these activities can reflect the holiday season.

group of people having drinks and appetizers in a kitchen

4). Spread the word…

Verbiage is important! If you are incorporating an activity in your invitation, make it known that participation is optional. You’d hate for this to have an adverse effect by intimidating or turning away guests. If anything, be vague! Your guests will become intrigued and curious. However, do not be vague when it comes to detailing the arrival time, suggested dress code and parking availability.

5). Spread the cheer…

Welcome your guests with some familiar company branding! It’s a safe way to be thematic without incorporating or discriminating against religion over the holidays. Project your company logo on Stratford on the Park’s big screen and light up the bar.  Our bartenders would love to create a specialty cocktail with your company colors! Don’t forget to provide a tangible take away that’ll remind your guests of your fabulous party all year long!

holiday cookie basket with candy canes

6).Have a blast!

Enjoy an evening with colleagues and friends at this year’s company holiday party.  Allow our staff to make it one to remember and to look forward to in 2019!



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